Combining Soft Access Lists & Event Requests

Share a calendar that others can book rooms on.

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Something spectacular happens when you combine a Soft Access List with an Event Request. This article will show you how to use them both to create a booking calendar that allows others to click dates in a calendar to request bookings.


  • Event Requests module for Crescat Event.
  • Crescat Venue package.
  • Soft Access List module for Crescat Venue.

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Locating the Soft Access Lists

The Soft Access Lists are found in the group settings under Requests and Shared Calendars.

Creating the Soft Access List

If you already have a Soft Access List that you want to use, feel free to skip this step. Otherwise, we will be using this list to allow users to book their desired timeslots and rooms. To get started, click the Create action button.


Then you can add a name and choose whether to display event names on the calendar. You can also decide if you want to allow anyone with the link to view the Soft Access List.


Once it's created, you can click the Soft Access List to open and configure it.


Now you can choose which rooms are available for booking, which event types will be displayed on the calendar, and which Crescat users will have access to your Soft Access List on their sidebar.

If the user you're looking for is not in your group's contact list, you can still add them by entering their email address instead of their name. Once you've done that, click the green button that appears to add them to the list of users who can access your Soft Access List.

Locating Event Requests

Event Requests are the next item in line in your Group Settings under Requests and Shared Calendars.



In tabbed browsers, you might find it useful to leave the Soft Access List in one tab and open the Event Request in another as you might want to bounce between them.


Creating the Event Request

Now we'll create the Event Request that we'll link to the Soft Access List. To get started, click the Create action button.

In the top section of the pop-up window, you can provide some basic details for the request.


The lower half allows you to add more specific information such as the Project Leader, Event Type, or a website to redirect the user after they submit the request.


Amongst these is a field for connecting our Event Request to a soft access list. In this example, we'll add the list we created in previous steps, called My New Soft Access List.


To rearrange or add new sections to the Event Request, click the Edit action button in the upper right.

Check out this article for more info on field types in Crescat.


Once you're finished editing, click Done to get the Open and Copy Link buttons back.


Viewing the Result

Once you're done, you'll have a Soft Access List that includes Event Request functionality. To view the list, simply click the Open action button or copy the link to send or share with others. This will allow them to make their event requests using the same link.


This is what the user will see when they open our soft access list example.


The user can then click a square on the calendar that corresponds to the date and room they would like to book, then confirm their choice.


After selecting a date and room, the user can fill out and send the event request form that we set up earlier. As a result, you can either approve or decline the submitted request from your "Requests" view, as you may already know.


For more reading and expert tips, be sure to browse through our additional resources in the knowledge base. We wish you all the best in your future bookings!


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