Creating Soft Access Lists

Share your dashboard calendar with anyone you want so they can view available time slots.

About This Article

This article assumes that you have:

  • Crescat Venue
  • Soft Access Lists (extra module for Crescat Venue)

This article will cover the creation of Soft Access Lists and their basic functionality. If you'd like to create a Soft Access List that allows other people to book time slots and rooms, check out this article: Soft Access List + Event Request.


What is a Soft Access List?

The Soft Access List is an extra module for Crescat Venue. It enables your group to share a page with others where they can see your events (with event names either hidden or visible) and the remaining available time slots. If you have the Event Requests module then users can even click a date to book a room. If you don't have this module yet but you think you might need it, please contact us here and we can help you out.

Public vs Private Lists

Soft Access Lists can be public or private. With public lists, anyone with the link can view the calendar and book rooms (via Event Requests). If it is a private list, then you can search for and add users who are on the Crescat platform and these users will then have easy access to your booking calendar.


Private soft access lists shared with a Crescat user will appear in that user's sidebar under Venues.



Locating Soft Access Lists

From the group dashboard which you'd like to make a soft access list for, click 'Settings' then under "Requests and Shared Calendars" Click "Soft Access Lists".


Creating Soft Access Lists

Once you're here, just click "Create"


Then give your Soft Access List a name and—if the list should be available to anyone with the link—select "Make List Public". You can also decide to hide the event names in the calendar. Once you've set everything as you need it, click "CREATE" to add it to the list and begin customizing it.

Note: The user will be able to flip through the calendar months, thus that super secret show 6 months away will be visible to them if you decide to include event names. 

Configuring a Soft Access List

This is where you can set restrictions on what the viewers of the list have access to. On the left, you will see the different rooms set up by your group in Crescat Venue. To its right, you can specify which event types are visible to the viewer of the list. Click the plus signs to add items to the Soft Access List, and press the x's to remove items. You can also add or remove Crescat users you'd like to share this list with.

In this example, the main hall and side hall will appear in the soft access list. Events that are tagged as "Conference" or "Exhibit"  will not be displayed.  This list is also being shared with a Crescat user named Steven and will appear in their sidebar.


You can click the Add action button to share the resulting quick access list with a Crescat user.


To add a user, start typing their name and select them once the search returns the result you want. You can also remove added users by clicking the "trashcan" next to their name.

Then a search box will pop up where you can type the name of the user you'd like to add. Once you find them listed in the results, you can click them to add the soft access list to their sidebar in Crescat.


As mentioned earlier, added users will have your Soft Access List will appear in their sidebar under "VENUES", even if the Soft Access List is not public. That way they have a fast and hassle-free way to book rooms at your venue.


To view the resulting list, you can click Open. To send or post the link to the soft access list, click on "Copy Link" and the URL of the Soft Access List will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste it wherever you wish.

Note: Accessing a soft access list VIA link requires that the person be signed in to Crescat.


The full potential of this feature is truly realized once you combine it with Event Requests which enables others to request a room and a time slot for their event by clicking on dates in the soft access list.

  • To learn more about Event Requests, click here.
  • To learn how to combine Event Requests with Soft Access Lists, click here.
  • To clarify what Soft Access Lists or Event Requests do and what they can do together, check out this primer.


Let us know below if this article helped you understand Soft Access Lists enough so that you can start using them.

All the best from us at Crescat.