Download Shift Reports

Get a detailed overview of all shifts in their current state as a CSV or PDF.

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Have a detailed shift overview in your hands in a flash. This article will guide you through it.


  1. Locating the Download Report Button
  2. Before Clicking Download
  3. An Overview of the Options
    1. Select Date
    2. Select Sections
    3. With Events
    4. As CSV
    5. With Shift Crew Slots
  4. Downloading the Report


Locating the Download Report Button

Under the relevant festival in the sidebar, click Festival Sections, then open the Shifts tab.


At the bottom of the Shifts tab, is a button like this one. Click it to pop open a window where you can customize the report.


Before Clicking Download

The selections you make in the area within the pink box will be reflected in the data you get in the resulting report.


An Overview of the Options

Select Date

If you want a report of all dates, leave this option disabled, otherwise, you can select a specific date.

Select Sections

To select a specific section, enable Select Sections, or leave it blank to include all sections.

With Events

Enable this to include event names in the report.


Disable this if you would prefer a PDF, otherwise, the report will be generated as a CSV file.

With Shift Crew Slots

Show all slots for all shifts.


Downloading the Report

Once you are ready, simply click Download which will open your system's file viewer where you can choose where to save the file.


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