Room Booking Restrictions

Some rooms shouldn't be booked simultaneously. Here's how you prevent it.

About This Article

You'll need Crescat Venue if you are going to follow along with this article. It will cover what Restrictions are, how to create one, and what happens if a member encounters a restriction when booking rooms.


  1. What Do Restrictions Do?
  2. Locating Booking Restrictions

  3. Creating a New Restriction

  4. How Users Will See It

What Do Restrictions Do?

Booking restrictions allow you to specify two rooms that perhaps shouldn't be booked overlapping. If a member tries to overlap these bookings, they will be informed of the potential consequences or whatever you decide to communicate.


The restriction is ignored if both rooms are being booked for the same event.


Locating Booking Restrictions

In your Crescat group, click Rooms in the sidebar, then click the Room Manager tab that appears to the right.


Creating a New Restriction

Under Restrictions, click Create New. If the restrictions are closed up, click the twirl-down arrow to open it up and the button will appear.


Then select the two rooms that shouldn't be booked at the same time and write a message to be shown to members who attempt to do so.

How Users Will See It

Now when a group member is setting up an event, if the two rooms would overlap, they will see the following:


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