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Sorry to hear that you're having an issue using our platform recently. We here at Crescat are fully committed to assisting you in any way we can.

Helping us help you

Advice for reporting bugs

Every once in a while, you'll find a glitch in the Matrix. 

Bugs in the code are no fun for anyone, neither user nor developer. Locating a bug can be either easy-peasy or a virtual needle-in-a-haystack. We kindly ask you to please be as descriptive as possible about what you were doing when the problem occurred and what you experienced. Being descriptive will help us locate and fix the bug faster.

It may seem silly to mention that you've recently made an unrelated change to how you do things, but as crazy as it sounds, that might be the exact information we need to locate and fix the root of the issue quickly.

To report a bug, please fill out the form above, then we will get to work.

Others may have been in your shoes

Figuratively, of course.

Your solution might already exist in our knowledge base. If you haven't taken a peek there yet, give it a shot! Worst case scenario, you can just come back here and pick up where you left off. Otherwise, you've solved your issue!

Feel free to poke around in our knowledge base by clicking here.

If you didn't see an article related to your issue, suggesting an article might help others in the future. Of course, we will still work with you to solve your issue if you suggest an article.

Other help

If you are just missing a piece of the puzzle and want guidance, you can contact support right here. If your situation wasn't listed here, feel free to contact support as well and we will work through it with you.