Getting Started With Crescat

If you're on the platform, our quickstart is the best way to get started.

Using Crescat

Crescat has grown rapidly since its first lines of code were written. Its core functionality is relatively straightforward, but there is still a lot of depth and complexity, which can feel overwhelming Initially.

We've designed our quick start guide to keep your sights focused primarily on core functionality so that you can start creating and managing events quickly. Once you feel comfortable with Crescat's main features, the nitty-gritty stuff will likely make more sense.

Click here for the quick start guide.

Getting Crescat

We are hard at work getting user-controlled account management in place. At the moment, all account-level administration is done via contact. If you're interested in using Crescat, the best way to get the wheels in motion is by booking a demo. If your workflow is in urgent need of Crescat, please take contact with us directly.

Click here to book a demo.

Click here to view our contact information.

Future resources

Though not helpful now, we're always thinking about how to better support and care for our customers. To help our users succeed, we have planned an introduction video to help users orient themselves within in a fresh installation of Crescat.

For now, the quick start  will get you up and running. But if you are still confused about the interface after the quick start, please contact us and we will help you through it.


Let us know below if this helped you understand how to get started with Crescat!

All the best.