Crescat API

Access data contained within your group.


About This Article

This article will detail some of the things that are possible with our API. This is not intended to be a developer's resource.

About Our API

Crescat has a closed API that requires an authorization key to access. If you'd like access, reach out to us here and let us know and we will generate the required credentials for you.

If you're a dev and you just want to jump in and get devvy with it, here's our documentation:

What Data Does the API Serve?


List of your group's festivals, performances, and events with key information.



List all of your group's events between dates with key information about the event like rooms and showtimes.



Get a list of your group's rooms and bookings.


Feel free to browse our documentation or contact us to get an API key.

All the best from us at team Crescat!