Contacting Someone at Crescat

There are several ways to get in touch. Let's talk!

Sometimes an issue just needs a human touch.

Contacting for non-technical reasons

We keep our doors open to our users. That's just how we've always done it, so don't be shy if you feel the need to call us or drop us a line at our email address.

All of our contact info is available right here.

Bugs and other difficult situations

Aw shucks. These issues can be frustrating, but we'll get you back up and running.

If you spot a bug or error on our platform then please check out this article and follow its advice then we will get started on resolving it ASAP. No time or desire to read? Contact us here.

If you need urgent help with the Crescat platform

You can contact us here at Crescat.

If it's not urgent

Naturally, you can contact us anyway, but a quick look in the knowledge base can help keep the lines open for when Murphy visits another user at a bad time.

To summarize

Regardless of the reason you want to get in touch, you'll find all our contact info right here on this page, and please read this article for reporting issues. Perhaps we'll hear from you soon.