Accepting, Declining & Removing Event Requests

How to manage event requests once they are out in the wild.

About this article

This article provides guidance on how to accept and decline event request submissions and delete them. If you want to learn how to set up an event request form, please refer to this article.

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Where requests are located

To view and manage event request responses, click "Requests" in the sidebar of your group dashboard.


All unprocessed event requests are listed here under the Pending Requests tab. You can view and manage a pending request by clicking on one.


Anatomy of an Event Request

On the left of the inspector, you'll have a few vertical tabs. The tab we're interested in for this article is the Request tab.


In the Request tab, you can view, edit, accept, or decline the Event Request. To edit the Request, click the Edit action button in the top right of the inspector.


Below the edit button is the request body which you can review, or if you're in edit mode, make changes to.


After reviewing and making any necessary edits, you have the option to accept or decline the request by clicking on the corresponding button located at the bottom.

Accepting an event request

After clicking Accept, a menu will appear where you can add an event type and a project leader to their event. Invite Requester to Event will send the requester an invite to join the event if they have a Crescat profile.

Clicking Accept Event Request creates the event and it will appear in your group dashboard's calendar.


If you'd like to invite the requester to their Crescat event without a Crescat profile, open the event from your group's dashboard and select the Members tab once you're inside.


Then select type their email address in the search field and click the green invite button that appears once the address is typed.


Declining an event request

If you've decided to decline the request, click Decline at the bottom of the submission. 


A menu will open where you can explain to the requester why you've declined their event request. Selecting "Send me a copy of the Response" will cc you in the email that Crescat will send to the requester. Once you're ready, click Decline Event Request and the request will be archived immediately.


Archived Requests

To view all requests accepted or declined by your group, click on "Requests" in the sidebar, then Request Archive. 


The events shown in the list, if any, will have a date that matches the date shown at the top of the view. The date that the event was accepted or declined is not considered here.


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